Competition Rules and Guidelines

  1. This is an individual and inter-institute challenge.
    1. Individual: You will be evaluated based on the risk adjusted returns of the portfolio and investment ideas submitted by you throughout the period of the competition.
    2. Team: For all Academic Partner Institutes, the risk adjusted returns of individual participant portfolios will be aggregated to get a total return of the portfolio at an institute level.
    3. You will be governed by the CFA Institute’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct (also adopted by the CMT Association) on plagiarism and ethics. THESE SHOULD NOT BE COMPROMISED AT ANY TIME DURING THE CHALLENGE. Link: Code of ethics and Standards of conduct guidance
    4. In case of any disputes the decision of CMT Association’s volunteer leaders and staff will be final.
  2. Eligibility: To be eligible for a participant/ winner certificate you must meet below criteria:
    1. You must submit at least 10 Trade ideas
    2. The rationale for each of your ideas must be based on Technical Analysis
  3. Competition Rules:
    1. You will start with a total fund corpus of INR 50,00,000/-
    2. Minimum Allocation 2% of your capital per trade – 1L.
    3. Maximum Allocation 10% per trade – 5L.
    4. You can take Long Only positions
    5. The securities universe will be restricted to the constituents of NSE 200 Index only
    6. Entering a Stop Loss and Target Price is compulsory for every trade.
    7. All open trades will be deemed closed at the close price of the last day of the challenge.
    8. Each trade decision (entry and exit) should be supported by a TA based rationale.
    9. At the end of the competition, you will be evaluated basis the risk adjusted return that you have achieved across the entire period.
    10. Your trade and portfolio data as reflected on will be deemed as final
    11. At any point of time during the period of the competition, there should not elapse a period of 7 days without any open trades/investments
    12. Along with each investment idea submitted by you into the portal, you will have to submit the Technical Analysis study, the corresponding chart that you have undertaken to decide on the idea.
    13. The results of the challenge will be finalised by the CMT Association team
  4. Social Media:
    1. Throughout the competition you are encouraged to actively engage with us and your audience on Social Media.
    2. We will track your engagement across 2 platforms – LinkedIn & Twitter.
    3. Post Guide:
      1. For all posts, the hashtag #CMTINVESTMENTCHALLENGE must be used.
      2. Follow and tag our handles @CMTAssociation @punnyquote @traderscockpit and that of your academic institution (if you are a part of an institute).
      3. You are encouraged to share your performance on social media using the above hashtag and mentions.
      4. We reserve the right to periodically share leader boards across social media platforms using participant handles and share social media posts.
  5. Any changes to the above will be communicated via Discord.